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Family: Equidae Family, this includes horses and asses.

Scientific Name: Equus Quagga

Types of Species: Plains Zebra (The most common & geographically widespread Zebra), Grevy’s Zebra (largest living and endangered Zebra) & Mountain Zebra (Native to Angola, Namibia & South Africa)

Population: 750,000 Plains Zebra, 2,500 Grevy’s Zebra, 1,400 Mountain Zebra

Diet: Herbivorous – They will migrate 2,900 km for food.

Where do they live?: Plains Zebra are found from the Savannas of Sudan to Northern Zimbabwe. Grevy’s Zebra are found in Northern Kenya and Mountain Zebra’s in Southern Africa

Best time to see them: During the Great Migration from July to October when it is the Dry Season. Spot them in the Maasai Mara or Sernegeti.

Interesting Fact:  A zebra’s stripy coat is thought to disperse more than 70 per cent of heat, preventing the animal from overheating in the sun. This is because air moves at different speeds over light-absorbing black stripes and light-reflecting white stripes, so the zebra creates its own cooling air currents.