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It’s safe to say that every day on safari brings something different, new experiences and new sightings.  To explain a typical day is therefore quite complex.  But to give you a general idea – you wake around 6am to fresh hot coffee and biscuits.  We tend to leave camp around 7am so we need to make sure that we’re showered, dressed and ready for the first game drive of the day.  A big misconception on safari is that it’s really hot… this is usually not the case at 7am in the morning so definitely make sure you wrap up warm to avoid being a little chilly.  Although you’ve woken up early and might be concerned you aren’t alert enough to spot the beasts… you’ll be surprised how bright eyed you are at this time of the morning once the adrenaline (and the coffee) kick in!  A typical game drive tends to last about 2 and a half hours before you head back to the camp/lodge for your breakfast – or if you’re lucky you might have breakfast out in the bush!

After breakfast, you will have some time to chill in the camp, be it catching a few more Zzzs, stroll around the camp to see what animals you can see; or do a spot of souvenir shopping in the camp shop.  After a leisurely lunch around midday, and afternoon tea around 3pm, you will head out for your afternoon game drive or activity, this is the time to keep your eyes peeled for a lioness on the prowl – she tends to pick her prey out around dusk. The guides are in constant contact so you never miss a sighting, and surprises are sprung upon you at every opportunity – like when you turn around a corner and they’ve set out a bar in the middle of the bush for some special sundowners. 

Back at camp you have a gorgeous three course meal chatting with your guide and group about the wonderful day you’ve just experienced.  If you’re up for having a night cap before bed – I suggest taking it onto the veranda to enjoy it under the famous African night sky. You won’t have seen anything like it, try and pick out the thousands of star constellations before heading back to your suite and collapsing into bed with anticipation for the new day.

A GOOD MICATO TIP:  In each of our safari vehicles we have some fabulous binoculars so if you are short on space in your safari bag then do not fear.  But, whatever you do, do NOT forget your camera.