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When it comes to packing for your safari – we think it’s essential not to leave anything of importance behind at home… especially because finding a suitable shop in the bush is impossible!  We’ve pulled together our Top 10 safari essentials which should help with your packing; and also some handy hints of what you will be provided with so can leave behind.   We know that packing for safari is difficult as the bush flights have strict luggage weights so it’s of huge importance you get it right!

A decent camera. You’d be absolutely crazy not to bring a camera on safari with you.  One with a good zoom would be ideal to capturing those timid animals hiding amongst the vegetation – I’d suggest you leave your ‘selfie-stick’ at home!  Definitely worth packing an extra camera battery and memory card – and don’t be the one who forgets the charger.

Binoculars. Enough said.
There are some binocularss in each of our Micato vehicles so if you’re pushed for room when your packing it’s worth bearing this in mind  They are available for all of our guests to use; we just ask that you return them after usage!


Warm clothes for morning and evening game drives.  You might not think it, but it can get very cold in the mornings and evenings when on safari – some people also bring a hat or a scarf!

An East African bird and wildlife book. Even though you’re on safari with the most knowledgeable guides in town it’s great to have a reference book on you at all times – and it’s fun to tick them off!

Insect repellent, malaria tablets, hand sanitiser and first-aid kit.  Rumour has it that AVON Skin so Soft Bug Guard works as an effective repellent – not only is your skin soft and bite-free – you also don’t smell of DEET!

Good pair of walking boots or trainers: There is no greater feeling than that of being able to step out and become part of the wilderness; to be able to hear it, smell it, feel it and learn more about this wondrous habitat which you normally just observe from a vehicle.  If you’re lucky enough to participate on a walking safari then you can’t go wrong with a good pair of walking boots.

Sun protector: cream, lip salve, sunglasses and a sunhat.  It can get surprisingly hot during the day depending on where you are – be prepared.

Copy of important documents. It’s always important to make sure that you take a copy of your passport and insurance documents.  Better to be safe than sorry – after all danger never takes a day off so why should safety?

Torch.  This is so essential for walking around tented camps at night.  You don’t want to bump into anything unexpected!

Water and snacks are essential on any safari.  But, don’t worry – Micato have refreshments for you in all of their vehicles so you don’t have to remember to bring water and snacks with you on those early morning drives!