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one // Dress correctly – it is important to try to blend into your surroundings as much as possible. Especially if you are heading out into the bush on a walking safari.

two // Keep calm and listen – you are with some of the best guides in Africa so are in capable hands. If you aren’t feeling too comfortable with anything then make sure you communicate this.

three // Stay hydrated – when heading out into the bush you must drink water. Make sure this water is bottled or filtered.  There are refreshments available for you in all of our vehicles so please do not panic if you forget your water bottle!

four // Take lots of photographs – store your memories on a memory card. Make sure that you do not take pictures of people without permission.  A good tip is to take a spare memory card with you – you’ll take a lot more pictures than you think you will.

five // Ask questions – your guides are there to share their knowledge with you. They are experienced guides who know a lot more about the areas and animals.

six // Be on time – it’s important to make sure that you are on time to meet your guide before the game drives, you don’t want to miss out on anything incredible or hold up the rest of your group/plans.

seven // Layer up – game drives in the morning and evening can get quite chilly – make sure that you have extra layers with you to keep you warm.

eight // Stay in the vehicle when told – the animals in the bush are wild and should not be approached.

nine // Make sure that you have a morning off – morning game drives set out at first morning light. If you are a night owl as opposed to an early riser then this is not an ideal schedule for you!  You do not have to participate on every game drive so if you would like to relax one morning, have a sleep in and enjoy the quiet camp then do!

ten // HAVE FUN!


one // Underestimate the power of the African sun – make sure you are wearing appropriate sun cream, sunglasses and are protected from the harmful rays.

two // Shout – you’re game viewing isn’t going to be much fun if you’ve scared away all the animals now will it?

three // Expect to see the Big 5 – depending on which park you are game viewing it you might not see the Big 5. These animals are wild and each day is different for them – you might not see them all in the same day.

four // Forget your bird book – even if you aren’t a keen birder, forgetting your bird book would be catastrophic. In some parts of East Africa there are over 550 bird species to tick off your list!

five // Litter the wilderness – kind of obvious isn’t it?

six // Be a know it all – nobody like a show off, you’re never going to be able to upstage the guides!

seven // Forget your insect repellent or malaria tablets – malaria is a common disease contracted in parts of Africa so make sure you take your medicine to prevent yourself from getting it.

eight // Forget to put your camera on mute – enough said!

nine // Smoke – smoking is forbidden in the National game parks and reserves (and also our vehicles) so make sure you hold off until back in your safari lodge.

ten // Be selfish – there are people in your safari vehicle who want the same experience as you.  No one likes having someone else’s camera lens creeping into the side of their photos!