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     For every safari sold…
  …we send a child to school

Despite the Kenyan government funding primary school education so that it is free of charge; families are still expected to pay for their children’s uniforms, books, desks, lunch, exams and much more.  These additional costs can quickly add up resulting in the poorest children being unable to afford their ‘free’ education and having to remain at home.

Over 62,000 six-sixteen year old children are forced to stay home from school in the Mukuru slum, Kenya due to extreme poverty.  Did you know that you can help a child in need by going on a safari holiday with Micato Safaris?  We have promised a commitment – For every safari sold… we send a child to school.

It all started when Laura MacLeid, a Micato employee, who was out shopping in Nairobi when she was approached by a young boy carrying a hand written note from his headmaster.  It stated that he needed to raise 600 shillings (about £5) to help him buy a uniform so that he would be able to go to school.  After reading the note, handed the boy the full 600 shillings, he was delighted he whispered “God Bless You” in her ear before scurrying away.  This act inspired the idea of AmericaShare and soon, the development for the One for One programme was well under away.

How was the idea born?  The owner of TOMS shoes, Blake Mycoskie, came up with his own One for One programme which donated a pair of shoes to an Africa child in need for every pair of shoes that he sold.  This concept inspired directors Dennis and Joy Pinto to give something back develop Micato’s One for One education scheme in 2009.

What is AmericShare?   AmericaShare developed into a link between the generous safari-goers and these children who are in need.  Micato and AmericaShare have been helping to change African people’s lives for the better for over 25 years now.  Micato and AmericaShare built a Community Centre in the Mukuru slum which offers numerous life-changing programmes for both the women and the children.   Micato are able to help the poorest children in the slums due to the continually deepening roots in the community.


There are also a lot of vulnerable and orphaned children who benefit through the School Sponsorship Programme – these children are sent to good quality boarding schools.  These children are sponsored generously by Micato travellers.  For more information on how to become a sponsor please visit get in touch.

Going on safari with Micato Safaris makes it possible for us to help these children and communities in need.  Every child deserves to have the right to an education.

To find out more about our One for One Commitment and how you can get involved please email info@micato.co.uk or call our office on 020 7036 8073.